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              Kezhong Machine Tool Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a manufacturing company dedicated to high-quality, high-speed, high-precision CNC machine tools. Since 2007, it has set up its own factory, introduced advanced CNC machine tool manufacturing technology from Taiwan and Japan, and successfully developed and produced vertical machining centers, drilling and tapping centers, high-speed vertical machining centers, and high-speed and high-precision CNC lathes with "KEZONE" as its own brand. Now it has developed into a solid enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service as a professional CNC machine tool. Products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, precision molds and mechanical hardware parts manufacturing.

             The company is based in Dongguan, a "famous manufacturing city in the world", keeping abreast of global CNC machine tool manufacturing trends, unites the world's well-known CNC machine tool component manufacturers, combines the advantages of large machine tool manufacturers, and establishes CNC machine tool cooperative development relationships with famous universities. The most advanced laser measurement and inspection

             The company adheres to the business philosophy of "scientific service, strict quality and long-term accuracy; everyone uses me to create value and honesty and integrity". With the goal of facilitating customer procurement and management, improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, the company innovates a new model of CNC machine tool user service, We always maintain a strong market vitality.

      Company Profile

      1. CNC lathes produce CK-45 (standard), CK-45F (turn-milling type), CK-45T (turret type), etc. The technology is mature and stable, exceeding national accuracy standards, and has been well received by customers.

      2. Machining center: VMC-600EL and VMC-850EL.

      3. Professional R & D team for CNC special machine tools (special machines). Strong special equipment design and manufacturing team, tailor-made for your products, efficient and economical.

      Service Items

      Technical Strength

      The company brings together a group of technical experts specializing in machine tool design and manufacturing, and an excellent technical team with rich experience. It has good professional quality and can provide customers with good pre-sales technical consulting services, after-sales maintenance services and training services.

      equipment in the world, forming a highly effective R & D strength and comprehensive customer service capabilities with practical technology and rapid prototyping Innovative CNC machine tool production model, develop high-quality, high-tech, high value-added automation products. Created an excellent technical research and development, manufacturing and after-sales service team.

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