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      CNC Lathe

      Fundamentally solve the problem of single-part, small-volume production parts, and realize automation

      Machining Center

      High degree of production automation, reducing work intensity and conducive to production management automation

      6 areas  industry sector

      Multiple proven project experience Common choices by industry leaders

      Camera equipment

      Parker pen


      Midea air conditioner compressor


      DJI UAV

      ABOUT US

      Scientific service, strict quality and long-term precision; everyone uses me to create value


      Scientific service, strict quality and long-term precision; everyone uses me to create value

      Machine Features

      ★ Strong rigidity, high precision, less knife damage and long life.

      ★ The design of the base and the inclined bed is integrated, and the heavy-duty line rail has a large span layout.

      ★ The structure is optimized by the finite element analysis method FEA, which reduces the distortion and distortion, and improves the shock absorption ability to achieve the strongest rigidity.
      ★ The unique structure and assembly process reduce the thermal deformation of the screw rod, effectively reduce the cold motor error, and ensure the repeatability of axial positioning accuracy.
      ★ The overall protection improves the protection level of the machine tool and makes maintenance more convenient.
      ★ Can be extended to link truss manipulators or six-joint robots


      R & D, production, sales and service as one

      We are committed to becoming a high-quality, high-speed, high-precision CNC machine tool equipment manufacturing company, combining multiple CNC machine tool component manufacturers around the world, combining the advantages of large machine tool manufacturers, and establishing CNC machine tool cooperative development relationships with famous universities, using advanced Laser measurement and inspection equipment forms a highly effective R & D strength and comprehensive customer service capabilities with practical technology and rapid prototyping. Innovative CNC machine tool production model, develop high-quality, high-tech, high value-added automation products.

      Regional Operations Center


      Operators Wanted


      Little Fox Cloud Chain:

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      Laiwu Industrial Zone, Xincun Community, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City

      0769-22656536     22656537



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